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This is the BAFTA award-winning special edition of FYI that was first broadcast a year ago when the Ukraine invasion by Russia first happened. Its purpose was to explain the background and to contextualise events for children.

In this IDGI, Sky Kids FYI presenter Braydon explains what is going on in Ukraine, explaining the background to the war and why it hasn’t just come out of the blue, but has a long history.

The accompanying teaching resources support the discussion of this complex, serious news event in the classroom.

1. Understanding the news: All eyes on Ukraine (Lesson resource)

The discussion questions provided support young people to understand what is happening and ensure they have the facts, not misinformation. These enable students to:

  • Find the facts
  • Understand the history
  • Think things through
  • Address worries
  • Ask questions

2. To help students find the information:


  • SkyKids UKRAINE INVASION I don’t get it by following the link above (3 min and 27 secs)
  • SkyKids FYI: For Your Info (episode 161)  This 15-minute episode of the award-winning weekly news show from Sky Kids is a special programme dedicated to Ukraine


3. Teacher notes

These provide information for teachers linked to each of the pupil resource discussion questions so teachers have the facts needed. Suggestions are given for supporting students’ worries and anxieties.

4. Young people’s questions

This classroom discussion will result in more questions, especially as the situation in Ukraine is changing rapidly. First News and FYI will answer questions that young people have in coming issues and episodes. After your classroom session, email questions to [email protected]

Supported by the BFI, Sky Kids and FYI