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First News Education TV is an exciting web-based channel with programmes presented by kids for kids, and films that open up a window on the world they are growing up in. In an educational setting, they provide a stimulus to investigate and understand a wide range of diverse and important global issues. All are ideal for topical assemblies and English, PSHE, citizenship and humanities lessons. The content on the channel brings together the experience of First News and Fresh Start Media, an Emmy and BAFTA-winning television and online production company specialising in content for young people and schools.
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FYI: For Your Info


FYI: For Your Info is an award-winning weekly 15-minute news magazine show. Each week, it investigates the big issues young people need to know about. There are reports from around the globe, explainers, debates, ‘Fake News or Fact?’ alerts and in-depth reporting. The FYI team also get big name interviews, from world leaders to pop and film stars.

This week: FYI Episode 127

We meet a 13 year old climate protester campaigning for the ocean to be a top priority for world leaders. Plus we announce the winners of Sky's climate change film making competition - The Edit.

FYI News Club @ Your School

All resources needed are provided to set up these 30-minute extra-curricular clubs, with no preparation needed by the teachers who run them. There are three simple steps to every FYI News Club.

STEP 1 Watch FYI: watch the current episode of FYI: For Your Info, available here.

STEP 2 FYI News Club Chat: download the accompanying discussion sheet to support your students to discuss the serious, fascinating and silly news items presented in the show. And, to develop their ‘Social Media Savvy’ skills to recognise misinformation with ‘Fake News or Fact?’

STEP 3 FYI Weekly Feedback: Let us know the news stories your FYI News Club want investigated.

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Kidversation is a series of peer-to-peer short form films based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Our young presenters meet the children who are fighting for their child rights around the world, from the violent favelas of Brazil and the remote villages of Ghana to the refugees making a bid for a better life. Closer to home they meet young green campaigners and disabled children fighting for equal treatment.

Lesson resources

The resources supporting an episode develop understanding of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The steps provided explore the right that each episode focuses on, and give links to more First News reports on this issue. Children will become familiar with their rights and evaluate whether these rights are being met for children across the globe. We will continue to add resources for each episode.

Lesson materials and videos

I Don't Get It

Want to know more about how vaccines work, what causes climate change or discover the future of space travel? Watch our series of top-end explainers, using the latest computer graphics to tackle complex issues and news stories for children.

Lesson resources

Activity outlines provided enable discussion of key questions presented in each episode. They give the opportunity to discuss and consider current issues; recognise that personal choices can affect national and global issues; and identify actions we can take. We will continue to add resources for each episode.

Lesson materials and videos


Investigates is a series of short documentaries that go in depth about such subjects as mental health, animal species threatened with extinction, the coronavirus and children who live in violent cities.

Lesson materials and videos