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Using First News in Schools

How to use First News print newspaper, digital newspaper, Engage Printables and Engage Pro

Why do educators and pupils love First News?


How to use First News in your classroom

Helping your school succeed with handy how-to guides and tips for teachers and educators.

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Resources for your classroom

Our free resource hub is packed with topical news-based literacy resources to help you tackle tricky topics and curriculum moments throughout the school. Explore today and unlock the power of news-based learning for your class. Curated by education experts at First News, alongside receiving a weekly topical teaching tool, you also get access to this archive of past resources, helping you boost pupil progress whilst saving you time.

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Available every week during term time, our activity sheet resources are printable comprehensions, quizzes, vocabulary puzzles and debates based on the week’s news stories in First News.

Created in three reading levels for KS2 to KS3, our literacy worksheets deliver fully prepared lesson content every week, with the flexibility to assign the most suitable level for whole classes or groups of pupils, supporting you in developing children’s skills in the most applicable way to achieve the best results.


Engaging stories from First News are used in comprehension activities to help children understand complex ideas, build world knowledge, and improve their reading skills, connecting to other subjects.


The news puzzles help build pupils’ vocabulary and understanding of news stories by exploring key words and phrases through crossword clues, missing word, and matching-meaning puzzles, enhancing their topical knowledge and comprehension of tricky, subject-specific terms.


Pupils develop scanning skills and understanding of newspaper structure by completing quizzes using First News, identifying where to find answers and learning about report sections and lead paragraphs.


Debate topics in First News help develop speech and communication skills by providing reliable facts and context for classroom discussions, building confidence in expressing views, understanding different perspectives, and forming informed opinions.

You can get these resources EVERY WEEK with First News Education!

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