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FYI episode 236



First News FYI News Club – This week’s resources

All resources provided can be used to run 30-minute extra-curricular clubs, with no preparation needed by teachers who run them. There are four simple steps to running a club, listed below. For more information on starting a First News FYI News Club visit this page.

STEP 1: Watch FYI

Watch the current episode of Sky Kids FYI, available here.

STEP 2: News Club Chat Sheet

The FYI News Club Chat sheet is a discussion question resource and supports your students to discuss the news items presented in the show. Chat sheet available Monday 25 September.

STEP 3: Weekly Quiz

The First News weekly quiz helps your pupils to explore the news this week in a fun and engaging way. Quiz available Monday 25 September.

STEP 4: Get Involved

Sign up to the News Club to get a weekly email containing opportunities to get your pupils involved as junior journalists for First News and FYI.


1. I Don’t Get It

Want to know more about how vaccines work, what causes climate change or discover the future of space travel? Watch our series of top-end explainers, using the latest computer graphics to tackle complex issues and news stories for children.

2. Climate crisis

Watch two series of films made by Sky Kids that deliver powerful messages about climate change. Six children from six continents set out to explore solutions to the huge problems facing our planet and deliver powerful messages to world leaders ahead of COP26 and COP27.

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