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Keedron Bryant: I just wanna live



Overview: In this Kidversation, we meet 14-year-old Italian-born American singer, Keedron Bryant. His protest song “I just wanna live” went viral after the murder of George Floyd. Keedron was enlightened by what happened and felt compelled to do something to fight for black rights. Through hearing Keedron’s story, this Kidversation helps us to understand more about racism across the globe.
Curriculum areas: PSHCE/Citizenship/History/Music
-To develop understanding of racism in America and across the globe
-To further this understanding by finding out about Keedron Bryant, a young musician whose songs explore racism
-To develop understanding of the history of racism in America
Age range: Year 5 – Year 9 (Upper KS2 – KS3)
Key words:Racism, protest, slavery, discrimination, equality, rights, George Floyd