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FYI Investigates – Knife Crime



In a special edition of our weekly news show for young people, FYI Investigates why knife violence has become such a big problem, even throughout lockdown,  and what can be done about it?

Also, watch Brazil: Children Caught In The Crossfire, a special edition of the weekly news programme for young people – FYI. Last year the team travelled to Brazil to meet the children who risk their lives to go to school. This FYI Investigates has been nominated for a Royal Television Society programme award.

Dr Alex George, the Government’s new Youth Mental Health Ambassador, gives his top tips for keeping your spirits up during the lockdown – watch his five top tips for good mental health and wellbeing here.

And don’t forget to enter the BAFTA Young Presenter 2021 competition – this year’s winners will report for BAFTA throughout the year, as well as do a special report for FYI. Click here for more info!