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Six Ways To Save Our Planet

Climate Crisis


Following on from our award winning documentary COP26 In Your Hands, in this new programme, Six Ways To Save Our Planet, six children from six continents set out to explore solutions to the huge problems facing our planet. From mega-farms to floating cities, our young environmentalists investigate radical ideas that could offer some hope for the survival of humanity.

The programme is presented by seven-year-old Aneeshwar Kunchala from Warrington. Aneeshwar reached the grand final of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent with his poems about the natural world. The judges described him as a young version of David Attenborough.

Aneeshwar calls on his friends around the world, to find out what’s happening in their countries. They see how scientists are coming up with exciting new ideas that could help us to live more sustainably.

Between each segment, Aneeshwar has top tips and information about how UK kids can play their part in the battle against climate change. For example, after we talk about transport in Colombia he suggests that UK kids could also join bike clubs and perhaps cycle to school instead of travelling by car.

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