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Queen, Cameroon: COP26

Climate Crisis


Queen is from Cameroon, home to some of the world’s most unique wildlife and stunning rainforests. Climate change is not something she fears, it’s something she experiences.

Drought is driving thousands of farmers to the wetter south, where she lives, and more rainforest is being destroyed to make way for new farms and palm oil plantations. Queen is heartbroken about this: “The more the farmers deforest, the closer they get to the wildlife. Animals are being captured to keep as pets or killed for their meat.”

Queen has dedicated her time to work as a volunteer at the Limbe Wildlife Centre, which has taken in hundreds of animals including gorillas and chimpanzees that have lost their habitat or been rescued from poachers.

Their final hope of survival is the few humans in the area who want them to survive and preserve their natural habitat.

Queen is also passionate about education, teaching younger children about climate change and how they can play their part in tackling the crisis by by helping to preserve the rainforest.

“Education is the key to beating climate change, children can learn how to not only preserve human life on the planet, but the animals we share it with.”

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