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Darielen, Brazil: COP26

Climate Crisis


Darielen is an indigenous activist on climate change. From her small village in the Amazon she has made a big impact and is a well-known figure in Brazil.

Unlike most indigenous communities, she has access to technology and education, but this has only led to her being more aware of the bleak future the planet faces.

In this programme, we catch up with her in a reflective mood on her 15th birthday: ‘‘I was supposed to be happy as I celebrate my birthday, but I am worried about the future, not just for myself but for my people and the future of the planet itself.”

As part of the Youth Collective of Tapajos, Darielen and her friends have set out to let other communities know why the climate has changed so much in the Amazon and to inspire them to take a stand.

“We have to stop white men coming to our forest and destroying our home for the farming of soya beans, which are then fed to the cattle, which are then fed to humans.”

It’s a cycle that destroys an area of the Amazon the size of a football pitch every 60 seconds.

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