Journalistic Writing

Journalistic Writing

Journalistic writing is a key form of non-fiction writing used to report news and factual events.

Learning about journalistic writing is a key part of the English curriculum for KS2 children. In this section you’ll find useful resources to support in teaching your class about newspaper reports.

Newspaper Headlines KS2

In this article we explain how to write the perfect headline, give examples and provide some newspaper headline activities to get you started teaching headlines to your class.

Journalistic Words and Phrases KS2

This word bank of journalistic sentence openers and other words and phrases that are found in newspapers can be used to help students write their own newspaper reports.

How To Start a School Newspaper

There are numerous benefits to setting up a school newspaper. Not sure where to start? Our handy step by step guide will help get your school paper off the ground.

A Brief History of News

News is more accessible than ever, in fact it can feel virtually inescapable. But what is news and how did fake news come to exist?