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Set up an FYI News Club @ Your School

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Start an FYI News Club at Your School

If you have students who love investigating the world around us and who want to be skilled-up and ready to spot fake news then here’s some good news… we have launched the FYI News Club for schools. 

What is FYI? First News has teamed up with the Sky Kids weekly news show FYI: For Your Info. Each week, the FYI team of young reporters investigate the big issues young people need to know about. There are reports from around the globe, explainers, debates, Fake News or Fact?, “Kidversations” between young people around the world, and in-depth reporting. Each episode is freely available to watch here on the First News Education TV section of our website.

FYI News Clubs are an extra-curricular activity for Upper Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3, where pupils get to watch, discuss and share their opinions on the topics raised in that week’s episode of FYI: For Your Info. Then feedback your students’ ideas to the FYI team.

An FYI News Club @ Your School will:

  • Grow students’ understanding of world news and global issues
  • Develop their communication skills
  • Build students’confidence in a social, group setting
  • Increase their awareness of how misinformation is spread on social media and how to spot it

Free, pre-prepared resources are provided to set up the news clubsincluding a free weekly video and accompanying activity sheet, to ensure your school can take part quickly and easily.



STEP 1: Watch FYI: For Your Info
The current episode can be found on First News Education TV

STEP 2: FYI News Club Chat
Download the accompanying discussion sheet to support your students to discuss the serious, fascinating and silly news items presented in the show. And, to develop their ‘Social Media Savvy’ skills to recognise how misinformation spreads with ‘Fake News or Fact?’

STEP 3 FYI Weekly Feedback
Let us know the news stories your FYI News Club wants us to investigate via email and we could be in touch to get you reporting on the show! 

Let us know the news stories your FYI News Club want investigated, by joining our Facebook page. Here you will be able to ask questions and receive information about content and all things FYI. 


Sign up here and you’ll receive updates about everything FYI, opportunities to get involved and additional resources, such as news quizzes. We will also send you a digital FYI News Club logo, personalised with your school name.

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