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Video submission terms and conditions 25th October Press Conference

By submitting the form, teachers, parents and guardians confirm that they have permission to share video content of their pupils or children, for First News to share with Downing Street and broadcast in a press conference at Number 9 Downing Street on 25 October 2021. The press conference may be filmed and made available for wider viewing.

Submissions can be sent via the form only, until Friday 22 October 2021. To be considered for an invitation to Downing Street on 25 October, submissions must include a video, and sent to us by 20 October. The contact details provided in the form will be used to contact the teacher/parent/guardian by 21 October if the entry has been chosen and for those individuals to attend the press conference. If invited, children must be accompanied to the press conference by an adult. Teachers/parents/guardians will be responsible for arranging and funding their own travel to the event. The conference will take place at 11am, arrival time will be 10.30am. Children will be situated in the main conference room, and adults in an adjacent room. Children who attend the press conference will be issued a media release form which will detail how any content from the conference will be used. A parent/guardian will be required to sign this (this can be signed ahead of the conference).

We make all reasonable efforts to ensure that our website is secure and free from bugs and viruses but we can never guarantee this and by uploading a video you are aware of any risks.