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Remembering HRH Queen Elizabeth II - 1926-2022

Remembering The Queen

School Resource Pack

Join us in remembering HRH Queen Elizabeth II with this free mini special issue of First News and helpful teaching resources.

As the sad news of the passing of the Queen has swept the globe, pupils in your school will no doubt be affected by the news and may be unsure how to process it, or discuss their emotions.

We’ve put together a suite of resources to help you start the conversation with your pupils, celebrate the amazing achievements in the life of Her Royal Highness, and discuss what she meant to people around your school.

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The resource pack includes:

  • First News Mini Special Edition: Inside this mini-edition taken from our full special issue (published 12 September 2022), we look back at the life of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-serving monarch in Britain’s history.
  • FYI Special Episode: In this special edition of the Sky Kids children’s news series FYI, we look back at the Queen’s reign and hear from children who actually met her. And we get advice from an expert on how to deal with being upset about the news of the Queen’s death.
  • News Activity: This news activity will support students to commemorate and celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s historic life and reign. A series of news articles and supporting questions help pupils to think through the news of the Queen’s death and to find out more about her life.

First News: Remembering the Queen Special Digital Edition