First News Online Newspaper

Delivered every Friday in print or digitally

First News is also available digitally as an alternative to having physical editions delivered to your school. The digital version is available via our app.

Why choose digital?

  • The app can be used on phones or tablets
  • Downloadable for iOS or Android
  • Can be accessed by an unlimited number of teachers and students, making it perfect for school-wide distribution of First News
  • Includes archive library of previous issues, going back nearly 100 issues
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Maximise the impact of using First News in the classroom

Created exclusively for schools to supplement the newspaper, First News Education’s learning tools come in two forms, both comprised of weekly reading-based activities centred on the latest stories in the newspaper, developing children’s confidence in accurately accessing and responding to information, a crucial skill for exam preparation throughout their education.

The iHub

The most efficient way to engage pupils with interactive comprehensions, vocab puzzles, polls and debates, customised to suit each student’s abilities to support learning in the most applicable way

Activity Sheets

These printable reading exercises are produced in three levels to support our tailored approach to learning, encouraging children to evaluate information and formed reasoned responses.

First News key facts

  • First News is the UK’s only newspaper for young people
  • Over half of all UK schools subscribe to our paper
  • Founded in 2006 by Sarah and Steve Thomson with editor Nicky Cox
  • Read by more than 2 million young people every week
  • We are independently owned and have no political affiliations
  • Published as both print and digital editions every Friday