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First News

The trusted newspaper to inspire young minds

A newspaper written especially for children with 2.6 million readers every week, First News delivers striking global headlines to get 7-14 year olds reading, thinking and talking. While growing each pupil’s global awareness and boosting their reading attitudes and skills, the newspaper offers a wealth of cross-curricular benefits throughout whole schools.

Published every Friday, the newspaper is the ideal complement for English literacy, PSHE and Citizenship classes in Key Stages 2 and 3, as well as topical assemblies, libraries, newspaper and debate clubs.

Choose unlimited digital access for every pupil and all teachers in your school, or select as many print copies as you need each week.

First News newspaper article extracts

Engage the next generation

  • Factual, non-sensationalised and impartial news from around the world
  • A rich variety of news to appeal to every reader, including world events, politics, entertainment, sports and science
  • A healthy balance between positive stories and hard-hitting news
  • Demystifying complex global issues with reassuring context
  • Fostering a culture of reading for pleasure
  • Helps schools create communities of active, global citizens

“The debating and poll elements of the newspaper are fantastic and support our whole-school focus on developing oracy superbly. And what we see is our young people at their best, discussing current issues that matter to them in thoughtful, articulate ways.”

St Michael’s Catholic School, UK


First News Digital on desktop and tablet
  • School-wide access, for every pupil
  • Enjoy a vast collection of previous editions
  • Download whole editions or pages as PDFs for your online classroom
  • Search all editions for topical stories
  • Create article clippings, perfect for news and debate clubs
  • Read on computers and tablets (iOS and Android)
  • Includes 12 extra issues in the year compared to print editions


First News Issue 840 in print
  • Arriving to your school every week during term time
  • Choose the number of copies to best suit your needs
  • Great for school libraries or to support your digital subscription

“First News inspired me to want to become a journalist. I love working on Portway Post [the school newspaper]!”

Y6 Pupil, Portway Primary School, UK

“First News allows us time to explore news from the UK and around the world and to come back to things as they change and develop over time. It helps support our Literacy and PSHE curriculum and gives ideas and resources to use for debates. The children enjoy reading and sharing the articles and ideas with each other.”

Heron Way Primary School, UK
First News Engage and Engage Printables

Dive in deeper

Why not pair your news subscription with engaging lesson resources for each week’s issue? Try pre-prepared reading activities based on the latest articles in First News, with Engage Pro and Engage Printables.