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COP27 School Resource Pack

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP) returns this year, with leaders from around the world discussing ideas and responsibilities to tackle the climate crisis. Your pupils will no doubt have their own perspectives to share too.

We’ve put together a series of special reports and teaching resources covering everything KS2 and KS3 pupils need to know about the conference, plus key perspectives from children around the world on major climate issues.

This FREE resource pack includes:

  • Special Article: Results of our First News & Sky Kids’ FYI Big Planet Survey – We asked 2,000 children aged 7-14 huge questions about climate change in a survey with Opinion Matters. In this special news pull-out from First News, we reveal what they said, including their hopes and big ideas for the planet. We also detail everything your pupils need to know about the COP27 conference.
  • FYI Episode 194 |  Climate change: What do kids really think? – Our Big Planet Survey of 2,000 children reveals 50% of children are frightened by the climate crisis and 43% say this is the biggest issue in the world. In this episode of Sky Kids series FYI, find out what kids really think about climate change and what we can all do to save our planet.
  • COP27: Six Ways to Save Our Planet – In a special Sky Kids docuseries, six children from six continents set out to explore solutions to the huge problems facing our planet. From mega-farms to floating cities, our young environmentalists will investigate radical ideas that could offer some hope for the survival of humanity.
  • COP27 Six Ways to Save Our Planet Assembly Pack – Explore the crucial points from the docuseries, with a short summary of the COP27 conference, a world map of the locations in each episode, key questions for pupils to discuss, and more.

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COP27: Six Ways to Save Our Planet: Aneeshwar, UK