Fake News

Fake News

50% of children are worried about not being able to spot fake news. It’s important that our children have the right tools and information to critically analyse the news they digest.

From identifying if a news source is reliable to understanding what bias is and how a newspaper is put together; we guide you through the murky world of fake news.

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9 Tips For Spotting Fake News

Being able to identify fact from fiction is vital for children to become critically literate news readers. Arm yourself and your pupils with these top tips on spotting fake news.

Bias in the Press

If you read a few different newspapers, you know all too well that they certainly don’t all report the same stories in the same way. An understanding of this is vital for any young person digesting news in this current climate.

What Makes a Reliable News Source?

There are lots of places that a paper or website can get its information from but what makes a source reliable and credible?