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Love Wins

This week, First News launches its Love Wins! campaign, to remind ourselves that there is much more good in the world than bad.

It might not always seem like that is the case, because so many of the news headlines seem to focus on events that make us scared, angry and sad. And, while it’s important that we report on those stories, it’s also important that we recognise a lot of good things that are going on in the world.

The First News Love Wins! campaign will draw attention to the everyday acts of love and kindness that go on every day, in every country, in every city, in every town, in every school and every home. As part of the campaign, we have produced a Love Wins! certificate for teachers to present to pupils who have shown love and friendship – perhaps helping someone in the playground, for example.

First News wants everyone to notice goodness, rather than to be thinking only about the small number of hate attacks that can make us think that the world is a bad place. It isn’t and, mostly, people are good.

Love Wins! is a campaign being led by children from all faiths and cultures, which we hope will touch the adults in our nation, too. No-one is born with prejudice or hate in their hearts. So children need to lead the way, showing adults how you celebrate our differences, rather than condemn people because of them.

How you can get involved

In every First News, look out for the Love Wins! logo on news stories where we will be celebrating everyday heroes. And tell us about the people who are making a positive difference in your life. Email [email protected], putting Love Wins! in the subject box.

Statement from Theresa May

“While these events are thankfully rare, I know that the impact can be felt across the whole country and we continue to think of those who have been affected.

But what we have seen, time and time again, is that so often the worst situations bring out the best in people.

The bravery of our police, ambulance and fire services as they risk their own lives to help others and who work so hard to keep us safe every day.

The overwhelming generosity of all those who have donated money, food, clothes or shelter to those who have lost everything.

The kindness and compassion from schools, churches, faith groups and local communities and the courage of people rebuilding their lives in the most difficult of circumstances.

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

But it isn’t just tragic events like those we have seen in the past weeks and months that bring out this love and kindness. I’m sure, like me, you see examples of it every day – whether that’s from your family, your siblings, school friends, neighbours – all showing simple acts of kindness.

The Love Wins! campaign will help celebrate these acts, bringing together children from all faiths and backgrounds, all over the country, to highlight the goodness and hope that unites us rather than the hate and fear which tries to divide us.”