What’s on the Front Page of a Newspaper?

By amysawyer 31st October 2019

News reporting comes with its own rules, terminology and traditions. Help you pupils understand the features of the front page of a newspaper with our free What’s on the Front Page of a Newspaper poster.

Features of a Front Page


The title of the story designed to summarise the story and grab the reader’s attention


A line after the headline to give more information about the story

Cover Story

The leading story used on the front cover


The designed name of the newspaper


Information about the newspaper at the top of the front cover


Photos and snippets of interesting stories to encourage you to buy the paper and read more


The photograph needs to tell the story


The full details of the news story


The important first sentence or paragraph that summarises the story and answers as many of the possible of the 5 W’s Who? What? Where? When? Why? and H How?