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Creating Global, Active Citizens

Being a regular news reader and part of a community who can absorb, evaluate and discuss news, enables young people to enhance their understanding of the democratic society in which they are growing up, and discover an awareness of the issues they feel require change.

Part of the Ofsted assessment of the personal development of children is whether “the curriculum extends beyond the academic, technical or vocational” and prepares young people for “life in modern Britain by: equipping them to be responsible, respectful, active citizens who contribute positively to society.” In the current climate, it is important for young people to feel empowered to become changemakers and lead action on real issues that they are passionate about.

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To provide schools with a foundation to integrate citizenship across the curriculum, First News and the Association for Citizenship Teaching have launched an award scheme for schools to encourage and celebrate the positive changes that pupils are making in their communities.

“The pupils developed a clear understanding that they were able to make a difference to people’s lives beyond themselves and our school. They learnt how easy it was to get many people involved in a project they were leading.”
Samuel Walker, Deputy Head, The Hall Primary School, Leicester

Developing global awareness with weekly news reading


  • Has growing knowledge and understanding of the wider world
  • Makes links between news stories and learning in different curriculum subjects
  • Has a growing awareness of topical issues and dilemmas
  • Has personal ideas and opinions on these topical issues


  • Debates topical issues and is respectful of others’ points of view
  • Works collaboratively to develop ideas and solutions linked to topical issues
  • Identifies issues in their communities that they want to change in positive ways and works with others to take action
  • Communicates and reports citizenship projects to a wide audience