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Shout Out For Sharks

First New has teamed up with Bite-Back Shark & Marine Conservation, a UK charity, to Shout Out for Sharks. We are on a mission to change the image of sharks and highlight the urgent need for shark and marine conservation.

Shout Out For Sharks is suitable for pupils aged 9-14. The pack feaures a series of lessons that support learning in English, Science, Geography and Citizenship. Pupils will investigate key questions about the topic, and build up knowledge to understand and respond to the issues. Then they’ll apply the skills they’ve gained in a project about marine conservation, as part of the Bite-Back national campaign.

The pack is designed to:

  • deepen pupils’ knowledge and understanding of sharks
  • develop a wider understanding of the need for shark conservation to protect the ocean’s ecosystems
  • provide the opportunity for pupils to engage with a national shark and marine conservation campaign to make changes
  • enable teachers to integrate shark conservation projects into the curriculum

Your pupils can also take part in an exclusive competition (deadline 9 June). We’re challenging students to change people’s thinking about sharks, by creating a campaign poster, artwork, poem, or something else that they choose, to show people why sharks need protecting. Posters and artwork will be shared in the campaign gallery on Bite-Back’s website and the winner will get a video call with Steve Backshall for their whole class!

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