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Join the Kidversation: Series Two

Kidversation Series Two: Explore the full series

Join the Kidversation

Kidversation is a series of peer-to-peer short form films where children are seen and heard. In this new second series, we hear from a singer standing up to racism, a ballet dancer who faces discrimination and victims of bullying. We also meet the world’s youngest peace campaigner, young people on both sides of a conflict, and children fighting poverty in the UK.

Each episode is a ten-minute short film which you can share with your students and encourage discussions for PSHCE, Citizenship, History, Music, Health and well-being.

The Kidversations of Series Two:

  • Asha, Fayeth and Felix: Food banks – We meet three children who all use food banks. We find out their stories and listen to their worries and concerns to help us understand more about the role of food banks in society.
  • Keedron Bryant: I just wanna live – We meet 14-year-old American singer, Keedron Bryant, whose protest song “I just wanna live” went viral after the murder of George Floyd. Keedron had felt compelled to do something to fight for black rights and his story gives us a deeper understanding about racism across the globe.
  • We can beat the bullies! – 1 in 4 of us become a victim of bullying at some point at school. Jude, Nung and Rose are encouraging everyone to speak up about being bullied – they speak from experience and they are on a mission to beat the bullies.
  • Crystal: Caring for my family – Crystal is one of 800,000 children across the UK that take care of their family. She looks after her sister, mum and dad who all have health problems. We explore whether there is enough support for child carers like Crystal.
  • Ibraheem and Talia: Both sides of the wall – We investigate the historical conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, and speak to two young people from both sides about how peace can come about.
  • Vitoria: My battle to do ballet – Vitoria was born with no arms in a country that stigmatises disability. From the age of 5, Vitoria loved to dance and joined a ballet school. Now her incredible talent against the odds has made her an Instagram sensation, but the world of professional ballet refuses to accept her.

Kidversation S2E6 - Vitoria: My battle to do ballet

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