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Upload the issue PDF to PageSuite


Upload the PDF

You’ll need:

  1. A Pagesuite login – email [email protected]
  2. The hi-res PDF of the new issue – find it in the issue folder on the server at Firstnews > Shared > First News > 02_DESIGN TEAM > DAN > 4. Digital PDFs

Login at https://live.portal.pagesuite.com

Click Publications

Click First News Newspaper

Click Manage

Click Create new edition or issue

Insert Friday’s date into the Name and Release Date fields

IMPORTANT: if you forget, it will go live immediately – you don’t want that

Click Create

Click Yes, create

Click Upload this edition’s pages

Click or drag and drop this week’s hi res PDF of the issue onto the box where it says Click or drag and drop files here to upload

Marvel at the upload progress

Click the big, blue Schedule ASAP button

When the upload is complete, click First News Newspaper to check the upload

The orange  dot bottom right shows the issue is scheduled to go live on the date that’s been set

You’re done!

How to replace a page

If you need to change a page, you’ll first need to

  • Re-edit it in InDesign and save as a new version
  • Export a new PDF
  • Save it to the issue folder in 3 PDFs Sent

Watch the video below

Navigate to the issue and click Manage

Scroll down to the page you want to replace, and from the drop down menu of the page, click Replace page

Click Replacement page (PDF)

Choose the PDF to upload and click Replace

The page appears under Scheduled Page Replacements

Click First News Newspaper, navigate to the issue and click Launch to confirm the page has been replaced.

You’re done!