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A Middle School Teacher at the Bilingual School of Modena in Italy talks about how she uses the First News newspaper and the iHub to engage pupils and give them a greater interest in the world around them.

“My school already subscribed to First News Education when I arrived in 2020, using the newspaper and iHub as additional resources to enrich lessons and projects. I share a copy of First News with my students weekly, and sometimes they have homework based on it or follow-up research tasks based on the articles in the newspaper. We use the iHub for comprehension activities and debates, plus crosswords to build vocabulary.


Students love the activities on the iHub because the format is user friendly and engaging. The results I have seen include students having a greater awareness of world news and events. The multi-level activities on the iHub have helped my lower level English students to be able to complete the “same” tasks as the rest of the class.

When we were teaching remotely throughout school closures due to Covid-19, I used First News newspaper and the iHub even more than when in the classroom. I regularly used the iHub’s comprehension activities as marked reading comprehension tasks. The most valuable feature to our school is the range of news stories, as every student can find something which they think is interesting or are curious to learn more about.”

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