News reporting comes with its own terminology which children are often not used to reading or writing. Familiarising themselves with journalistic words and phrases will help them to not only write in the more formal style of journalistic writing but improve their vocabulary.

Journalistic Words and Phrases KS2

This word bank of journalistic sentence openers and other words and phrases that are found in newspapers can be used to help students write their own newspaper reports.

Sentence Openers

It was discovered that…    Interviewed afterwards she said…   In addition to this…   Eyewitnesses say…

He agreed that…    He told our reporter…    They confirmed that…    She refused to comment…

He claimed that…    The suspect said…    She reputably…    The witness continued by informing us that…

He also spoke of how…    She went on to tell us…   A spokesman stated that…    Nevertheless…

It has been reported…    According to witnesses.    He emphasised…    She disputed that…

Scientists say…    She described…

Journalistic Words & Phrases

an expert stated   heroic actions   increasingly concerned   raised questions

unsung hero   can reveal   since records began   not yet confirmed   unbelievable

without any warning   incredible   crucial witnesses   critics argue   sensational

just confirmed   doctors worry   scientists conclude   sources   iconic

close to the scene   miraculous escape

Why not task students to use some of these in their own newspaper reports? Download this printable version of the sentence openers and other journalistic words and phrase to share with your class.

Newspaper Vocabulary Activity

Once your students have got to grips with the style of journalistic writing and what words are commonly used ask them to identify which sentence openers you might find in a newspaper and those you would most certainly not. Download our newspaper vocabulary activity.

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