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Year Ahead Special Edition

Help your class to look forward to 2019 and back on the best bits of 2018 with these special editions.

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The First News ACTive Citizenship Awards

Our new awards scheme in association with the Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT) involves pupils learning how to take part in democracy and use their Citizenship knowledge, skills and understanding to work together in trying to make a positive difference in the world around them. ACTive citizenship projects can be integrated into your school’s curriculum and support learning in literacy, PSHE, humanities, science as well as citizenship.

The awards are based around three areas: learning, school culture and community.

To achieve an award, pupils design, develop, undertake and report on an active citizenship project within one of these areas – the project can be on any issue that they care strongly about and want to challenge, change or improve.

Pupils achieve an award for each project they do; if they achieve awards for all three areas, they and their school will be recognised with an ACTive Citizenship Ambassador award.

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