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First News WWI and WWII Special Editions and Activities

To remember the anniversary of the First and Second World Wars, First News has created two special issues, written as if published during wartime Britain. Each issue includes a collection of news stories, along with fascinating, original black and white images, taking readers from the outbreak to the end of each world war. The first of the two editions reports on World War One, while the second edition reports on World War Two, covering the key events overseas and how the wars took their toll at home.         

This special edition is available as a free pdf, please email us at schools@firstnews.co.uk if you would like this issue or any others sent to you.

These free digital copies of First News’ World War Special Editions come with activity sheets suitable for both KS2 and KS3 lessons. Aimed at students working at levels 4 to 6 the activities are intended to give pupils a greater knowledge and understanding of the key events in both conflicts – as well as the art of newspaper writing.

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First News Special Editions WW1 and WW2 Newspaper Front Covers