First News for Schools - First News is the UK's only newspaper for young people and a highly engaging literacy resource for schools. A range of school packages are available, including our new Literacy iHub, a digital literacy tool for 7-14 year olds.

Introducing the iHub

Launched in 2016, iHub is our new web based reading tool designed for the classroom. It’s an innovative, digital approach to classroom reading.

iHub promotes literacy with its interactive reading challenges based around current affairs. The application also develops pupils’ knowledge, ideas, opinions and vocabulary of cross-curricular content, and is the perfect tool to use at home or school.

Reading activities for Key Stages 2-3 (P4-S2)

The iHub provides activities at three levels to support a wide range of reading abilities. Pupils can tackle comprehensions, word puzzles and writing challenges. They can also take part in debates, vote and get instant feedback on polls.

News Gallery

The iHub news gallery lets pupils get creative and become the week’s News Editor, writing their own news stories and choosing photos to accompany them.

Pupils earn rewards

iHub’s exciting digital format really motivates young readers. Pupils can earn virtual rewards and badges by completing online activities. It’s a great way to motivate pupils and promote accurate reading.

Intuitive interface for teachers

New activities are available at each level every week for pupils to complete at home or school. Teachers can track pupil progress through their online dashboard.

*NEW* Try the iHub Taster

Teachers say even those who struggle with reading find it easy to engage with the interactive bitesized chunks of real world news on the iHub. So, why not try it for yourself?

See the difference the iHub makes to your classroom in just one term with the iHub taster. In the taster you will receive:

  • 13 weeks’ access
  • 35 pupil logins
  • 1 newspaper delivered to the classroom each week

To subscribe


Call: 01371 851 898

Or why not try the iHub demo

With our free demo you can log in and explore the iHub as a pupil would. There are a range of puzzles, comprehensions and writing challenges for you to try, and you’ll get instant feedback on how you’re doing. Login via a laptop, desktop or tablet.

The iHub wins at the Bett Awards!

We are delighted that the iHub was selected as the Bett Awards 2017 winner in the primary digital content category, which recognises exceptional innovation in education technology.

The judges said, ‘it is a great innovative resource that will engage the learner in world affairs whilst developing and embedding comprehension skills in an interesting and imaginative way. School and home use make it a flexible tool for learning. Its assessment tool is easy to use and help teachers track progression and the levels provide a flexible approach for learners in the class. This product is good value for money.’

How the iHub is transforming the learning experience

“Children who find reading a real struggle choose to read articles on iHub.”
“Children who find reading a real struggle choose to read articles on iHub.”

One child in my class in particular did not enjoy guided reading sessions. However, he very happily gets a laptop, reads an article and is able to discuss the stories.

- Shona Glackin, Class teacher, Martin Primary School

“I would strongly recommend subscribing to iHub in addition to the newspaper”
“I would strongly recommend subscribing to iHub in addition to the newspaper”

“iHub enables a more constructive and active use of First News. We have always used the print version as a resource for guided reading but with ihub it makes life easier. The students are motivated by the idea of earning points for completing tasks.”

- Melissande Box, Lead Literacy Teaching Assistant, Alexandra Park School

“Digital tools such as the iHub are very appealing to children”
“Digital tools such as the iHub are very appealing to children”

We use it as part of our Guided Reading carousel and extend it to online homework. The children have become engaged with current affairs and are keen to complete the online literacy activities.

- Cecilia Bekker, AHT KS2, Sir John Heron Primary School

How iHub works in secondary schools

Listen to Courtney Sklar, English Teacher at Watford Grammar School for Boys, talk about how the iHub transformed reading in her classroom.

The iHub gives pupils the opportunity to focus on an activity and enables them to work independently.”

S Glackin

S Glackin


“I would strongly recommend subscribing to iHub in addition to the newspaper.”

Melissande Box

Melissande Box

Lead Literacy Teaching Assistant