FYI Episode 140

By steve.smith 17th September 2021 • 0 Comments

This week on FYI, we meet a teen suffering with long COVID and hear why she’s happy the government have approved vaccines for teens, plus… Read More

FYI episode 114

By steve.smith 13th March 2021 • 0 Comments

This week on FYI – the weekly news show from Sky Kids – we hear from 12-year-old Bertie who volunteered for the COVID-19 vaccine trials… Read More

FYI episode 111

By steve.smith 19th February 2021 • 0 Comments

In this week’s FYI, viewers have their questions answered about a new clinical trial to see if the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine is safe for children… Read More

FYI episode 109

By steve.smith 5th February 2021 • 0 Comments

Welcome to FYI, the weekly show where you get your say. This year’s exams are cancelled, but should all future exams be scrapped? We find… Read More

FYI episode 108

By steve.smith 30th January 2021 • 0 Comments

Welcome to FYI, the weekly show where you get your say. This week, the shocking rise in the number of young people needing foster parents,… Read More

FYI episode 107

By steve.smith 22nd January 2021 • 0 Comments

Are we gaming too much in lockdown? Also, we catch up on the latest facts about the coronavirus vaccines, and our reporter is in the USA, as the country gets a new president and new hopes for the future. Read More

FYI episode 106

By steve.smith 15th January 2021 • 0 Comments

On this week's FYI, why the Government has launched an investigation into the contents of free school meal parcels, and we head to Brazil, where there are fears that some families won't have access to the coronavirus vaccine. Read More