FYI Episode 134

By sojiaiyenuro 6th August 2021 • 0 Comments

Dr. Alex George discusses the importance of being open about our mental health, and on the anniversary of their use, we ask the question; should the world still have nuclear weapons? Read More

FYI Episode 133

By sojiaiyenuro 30th July 2021 • 0 Comments

We've got Dr Alex George's tips on exercise and we'll reporting from behind the scenes at The Hundred, the new cricket competition that's encouraging more of us to get into cricket. Read More

FYI Episode 132

By sojiaiyenuro 25th July 2021 • 0 Comments

We've teamed up with Dr Alex George to get top tips on the right healthy food to eat, and now cinemas are fully open, we speak to the stars of Spirit Untamed, a new animated film due to hit screens this summer. Read More