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Shakespeare Special Edition

Teaching Shakespeare at KS2? We take an in-depth look at the fascinating life and times of Shakespeare with a 32-page special edition. In Focus: Shakespeare explores what we know about Shakespeare himself (his birth, death, marriage and creative writing) while putting this life into context by looking at Tudor society and big news stories that broke throughout his lifetime – from the plague to the Gunpowder Plot and everything in between. We compare an original performance of a Shakespeare play when it was first performance, to the big stage and screen versions today, to give pupils a taste of theatre in the 1500s.

In Focus: Shakespeare is a fantastic cross curricular resource that will introduce Shakespeare to your pupils in a fun and informative way.  This special edition was produced in association with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. Jacqueline Green, Head of Learning and Participation, said it is a “fantastic resource for teachers in the classroom and a catalyst for conversation and discovery in the classroom and beyond”.

This special edition is available as a free pdf, please email us at schools@firstnews.co.uk if you would like this issue or any others sent to you.