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World War II – The Home Front


Introduce your pupils to life in wartime Britain with our Past Times edition World War II – The Home Front

To commemorate 70 years since the end of World War 2, First News has created a fascinating, commemorative edition, written as though it was published during the war.

A great teaching resource, World War II – The Home Front, looks back at what life was really like during the Blitz. Featuring a series of news stories covering topics such as the Home Guard, rationing, child evacuees, Nazi spies and the occupation of Jersey – pupils will journey through time as events unfold throughout the paper.

Using historical reports and documents, piece together a detailed account of Winston Churchill’s wartime Britain. Your pupils will develop an understanding of the war using timelines, photographs and fascinating facts, all bought together in an authentic newspaper style.

Add this Past Times edition of First News to your classroom resources and teach your pupils about a specific time in history with this thought-provoking, unique publication.

Order copies of our unique Past Times edition for your school today! 

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