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IoE PGCE Student School-Based Project 2017 -18


A creative approach to English, Geography and Technology in the primary classroom

Project Outline 2017-18

SESSION at IoE: Introduction to First News and news in the primary curriculum

ii) TUESDAY 20th February 2018:

First News Issue 610 is be available to download via this link.

Please note we have a special cover wrap this week on dinosaurs. The normal issue of First News is inside. There are lots of interesting stories with geographical connections in this week’s newspaper so it should open up interesting discussions with pupils on Friday.

This will be the issue of First News that we will use in school on Friday. Have a good read and find a story that particularly interests you to model to children in the group you work with. Print copies of First News will be sent to the schools were the projects are taking place. There will be one per pupil, and the children will be able to take these home.

iii) THURSDAY 22nd February 2018, pm:

Four Simplified Stories PDF – Four stories from First News are simplified each week for developing readers in Y2,3, and 4.  Download Four Stories 545 to take a look at this resource.


A link to download the Four Simplified Stories resource for the school day issue will be found here. These may be useful for developing readers in Year 4 classes.


PGCE students visit project schools with tutor and work with small groups of children over a morning or afternoon.

First Half of Session: NEWS REVIEWERS
– Read and discuss the week’s newspaper and find noteworthy stories

• Can pupils find the stories they think are the most interesting in the week’s newspaper and that they think other children should read?

• Can pupils articulate the reasons for identifying these stories as their favourites?

Second Half of Session, V1: ENGLISH and MEDIA PGCE Students
: Pupils’ challenge is to publicise and pass on the news stories that the group think are the most interesting or important.

• Can pupils find a way to tell everyone about these stories and encourage more people to read and discuss them?

Second Half of Session, V2: GEOGRAPHY PGCE Students
: Identify with pupils how discussing news stories has helped them to develop their geographical understanding.





Download support materials and take a look at example projects including podcasts, news broadcasts, digital posters, and tweets.