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Food Special Edition 

How far has your food travelled? Where does the food we eat each day come from? What is a balanced diet? Why is half the world going hungry and yet we throw away food? Give your students some food for thought with our free Food special edition.

In this special edition find out more about the journey that food takes from the farm to your fork and how to have a balanced diet and what the healthy choices are. There are articles on the big issues, too, such as hunger around the world and food waste at home here in the UK. Plus there are fun facts, recipes for them to try, a guide to seasonal produce, a history of British food and plenty more on this fascinating topic. Get stuck in and use this special edition in your next KS2 PSHE lesson to guide a discussion on these topics.

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This special edition is available as a free pdf, please email us at schools@firstnews.co.uk if you would like this issue or any others sent to you.