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FYI Episode 121



FYI Episode 121

This week on FYI – the award winning news show brought to you by Sky Kids and First News.


In a massive year for planet Earth, the team investigate all things climate change. They head to the Science Museum’s exhibition on amazing tech to save the planet and meet the young people getting their climate concerns heard through art. 


  • What is Klaus Lackner’s mechanical tree?
  • See the swimming Eelume in action and find out what it does
  • Meet a ‘quite’ tall duck that is making a name for itself

FYI News Club @ Your School : FYI Episode 121 NEWS CLUB CHAT

What are FYI News Clubs?

All resources needed are provided to set up these 30-minute extra-curricular clubs, with no preparation needed by the teachers who run them. There are three simple steps to every FYI News Club.

STEP 1: Watch FYI

Watch the current episode of FYI: For Your Info, available here.

STEP 2: FYI News Club Chat

Download the accompanying discussion sheet to support your students to discuss the serious, fascinating and silly news items presented in the show. And, to develop their ‘Social Media Savvy’ skills to recognise misinformation with ‘Fake News or Fact?’
Download FYI Episode 121 NEW CLUB CHAT discussion sheet

STEP 3: FYI Weekly Feedback

Let us know the news stories your FYI News Club want investigated. Contact our Soji, our Schools Engagement Co-ordinator.
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  1. Young DofE participants and Award holders from across the UK will today help launch a new fund in memory of the charity’s founder, The Duke of Edinburgh. The Living Legacy Fund will give a million more young people the life changing opportunity to achieve a DofE Award over the next five years, building the self-belief, confidence and skills to feel ready to overcome anything life throws their way.

2. Dr Alex George, the Government’s new Youth Mental Health Ambassador, gives his top tips for keeping your spirits up during the lockdown – watch his five top tips for good mental health and wellbeing here.

3. And don’t forget to enter the BAFTA Young Presenter 2021 competition – this year’s winners will report for BAFTA throughout the year, as well as do a special report for FYI. Click here for more info!