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FYI episode 114



This week on FYI – the weekly news show from Sky Kids – we hear from 12-year-old Bertie who volunteered for the COVID-19 vaccine trials for children, and we head to a place where there are no vaccines, no social distancing and no school lessons, a refugee camp in Lebanon. Plus your views on the Harry and Meghan interview.

Next week on FYI, we investigate how you are coping with being back at school and put your concerns to the politician in charge of making sure we are all safe.

Dr Alex George, the Government’s new Youth Mental Health Ambassador, gives his top tips for keeping your spirits up during the lockdown – watch his five top tips for good mental health and wellbeing here.

And don’t forget to enter the BAFTA Young Presenter 2021 competition – this year’s winners will report for BAFTA throughout the year, as well as do a special report for FYI. Click here for more info!