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  • i Don't Get It

    Sometimes there's stuff in the news that it's hard to make sense of. We're here to help.

  • I Don't Get It 22nd March 2017

    East Africa Famine

    Countries in eastern Africa face terrible famine. The scale is staggering. Around five million children…


  • I Don't Get It 22nd March 2017


    Prime Minister Theresa May has given the green light to start Britain’s exit from the…


  • Hotseat

    First News readers exclusively interview people that matter.

  • Hotseat 6th November 2015

    Astronaut Tim Peake

    British astronaut Tim Peake was quizzed by six First News readers as part of our…


  • Special Reports

    We look closer at some important issues.

  • Child Refugees 14th December 2016

    Fleeing Mosul

    The UK, US and Iraqi Army are fighting the terror group known as Islamic State…


  • Child Refugees 9th December 2016

    Child Brides

    We meet the refugee girls who fled with their families from Syria to the Zaatari…