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First News Education provides schools with news-based learning tools for lessons and homework, to support the development of crucial reading, writing and oracy skills in Key Stages 2 and 3. News is a unique form of non-fiction, proven to win over the most reluctant readers. But the benefits go beyond engagement. Current events have reminded us of how crucial it is for our young generations to feel informed and reassured, and it is our goal to equip young people with an enriched knowledge of the world and the fundamental skills they need to succeed throughout school and beyond.



The UK’s only newspaper for young people, First News is read by more than two and a half million children every week in homes and schools across the UK and internationally. Choose to receive as many copies as you need throughout term (40 issues) or opt for the digital edition (52 issues) for unlimited, school-wide access.

Activity Sheets are weekly comprehensions, vocabulary puzzles and debates based on the latest stories in First News. Designed to encourage students to delve into the detail of news stories, they are produced in three levels for Lower KS2, Upper KS2 and KS3. This taster pack includes 3 print copies of the next available issue, a PDF sample of a previous issue, and the full set of corresponding Activity Sheets, to introduce First News Education into your school. Find out more about the Newspaper and Activity Sheets.


The Bett award-winning iHub delivers weekly comprehensions, vocabulary puzzles, polls and debate topics based on the latest stories in the newspaper. Each week, articles from First News are selected by our experienced education team to form online reading activities for Lower KS2, Upper KS2 and KS3. The iHub automatically tailors these at the reading level assigned to each pupil, saving teachers valuable time and enabling students to learn at the right pace. The platform can be customised to suit your lesson and homework plans, including the choice to select or automatically assign activities to complete each week. A reporting dashboard offers insight into pupil progress, helping you to drive motivation through rewarding achievements and identify where extra support may be needed. Start your free 30 day trial today. You’ll be given the option to request a live demo once you activate your trial. Find out more about the iHub.

Choose your tools using our Recommended Packages or Build My Own Package option to find the perfect subscription to suit your school.

For any advice or to place an order over the phone, contact the team on 01371 851 898, weekdays 9.00am to 5.00pm, or buy online.


Consuming news in school on a weekly basis creates a community of globally aware, news literate young people. Find out more about embedding news in your school, from growing global awareness and understanding news literacy, to running citizenship projects and debate clubs.


“We’ve recorded a notable improvement in both reading progress and attainment in all year groups across the school. We believe the weekly use of First News as part of our learning journey is a significant contributing factor to this. Our pupils have an increasing awareness of the wider world and we feel that our work with First News is helping us to give them the exposure to current world news that they need”
Gemma Hall, Assistant Head, Portway Primary School
“Within a very short space of time, we noticed how First News and its brilliant online resource, the iHub, was starting to engage some of our most reluctant readers. Some of these students, who had struggled getting engaged with fiction, suddenly became more enthused and animated in reading through having a greater interest in reading the news and topics that were of interest to them”
Richard Long, English Lead Practitioner, St Michael’s Catholic School
“This is the Roger Federer of news resources. It’s a real class act jam-packed with information, insight and intrigue and makes children feel part of a news community”
Review by John Dabell for Teach Primary