First News for Schools - First News is the UK's only newspaper for young people and a highly engaging literacy resource for schools. A range of school packages are available, including our new Literacy iHub, a digital literacy tool for 7-14 year olds.

Case Studies

NLT Research


A National Literacy Trust evaluation in May – July 2015 of First News activities in schools found that children made significant progress in reading, and their attitudes to and behaviours around reading improved.

Newspaper Case Study

“The children in my class all love First News and frequently make links between the things they hear in the news and read in the newspaper.”

Newspaper Case Study

iHub Case Study

“I strongly recommend subscribing to the First News Literacy iHub as part of your package. It enables a more constructive and active use of the paper.”

iHub Case Study

Reading Package Case Study

“Children of every ability really benefited from reading the newspapers and all the activities linked with them.”

Reading Package Case Study

Case Study – Alexandra Park School

There are many ways that you can make use of iHub in the classroom and in form time as well as with literacy groups.

In my class we have always used the print version of First News as a resource for guided reading but with iHub it makes life easier.

I felt that I needed some more constructive activities to use with First News so that I was making the most of this resource.

“Great for intervention programmes”

I wanted a programme that would fit into the interventions that I use in the literacy centre at our school as well. The package is able to attract those students for whom fiction reading holds no appeal. Those who are not interested in reading a whole book can enjoy digesting ‘bite-sized’ chunks of information in the digital format.

“A lesson in its own right”

Subscribing to the ihub meant that I could use First News as a specific lesson for these pupils alternating with a fiction based programme that I already use.

“iHub in action”

I’ve found students are generally more engaged with iHub than with fiction based interventions. I like the fact that it is so easy to get a student started on an activity as soon as they come into the room.

“iHub has been a success”

The votes have also been very successful and students are interested in how other schools have voted. Also some of them have been very keen to increase their points and there has been an element of competition which I plan to exploit next year!

“Develop their ‘world view’”

Overall, I feel that First News and the iHub really address a lack of general knowledge and helps young people develop their ‘world view’.

“I strongly recommend iHub”

I would strongly recommend subscribing to iHub as part of your First News package because it enables a more constructive and active use of the paper.