We’ve had a fascinating time judging this year’s School Newspaper of the Year entries. You’re a talented bunch out there and you made it a tough job!

School Newspaper of The Year Winners

Many of you have been inspired to create your newspapers to be the voice of your community during the coronavirus crisis. You’ve taken on this important role to keep your school community together when everyone has been locked down and apart. The standard of journalism has been very high and the newspapers that you’ve entered for this year’s awards have informed us, made us think and made us laugh.

Primary School winner

The Galahad Gazette

A brilliant newspaper that perfectly balances school news, local community news and global issues while engaging readers with fascinating facts, amusing incidents, puzzles, reviews and more. It is the superb achievement by the Year 6s at Fladingworth Primary School who set themselves a two-week challenge to create a newspaper for the rest of the community when they returned to school in June. Not only that, they printed their newspaper and delivered it to all the homes in the village.

Year 6 pupil Adrian tells us, “One of the class is an avid First News reader and kindly supplied us with back copies which were very useful to provide us with inspiration. No one else though had much experience with newspapers at all – even their parents seldom have newspapers at home. So we found the First New Junior Journalist’s Guide an invaluable source of information, teaching us about the protocols and conventions associated with newspapers.”

Secondary School winner

The Granham Gazette

Year 10 students created The Granham Gazette to create a unity with the school population whilst everyone was learning remotely. They did an amazing job organising editorial meetings online using Microsoft Teams. Their aim was to balance a mix of serious, global stories with some local interest stories and humorous articles which they certainly achieved.

Editorial team member, Jude explains, “The newspaper has given the school community a space to address topics that have real meaning for us at this moment, such as the Covid 19 pandemic and its effects on education, and the Black Lives Matter protests and how we react to them. It is our way of discussing our thoughts on these important matters with our peers and giving a platform to the voices of young people.”


Editorial team of the year

The Buzz

This editorial team have achieved miracles! The BUZZ, a full colour 20-page newspaper has been written, edited, designed and safely delivered by the pupils of Bessemer Primary School during lockdown. It’s a fascinating read and they have definitely achieved their aim of creating a newspaper that provides a sense of community while school is closed.

Editors, Leila and Louis from Year 6 and Jacob from Year 4 got them themselves organised with hundred of zoom calls and an online spreadsheet. Leila explained, “we could all access and edit as the articles came in! This meant that we could be really organised and we could see where the gaps were and if we needed to commission further articles or if we had too much on the same. We managed to include some really interesting articles from key workers such as one of the mum’s from Bessemer, Angelique, an air hostess who wanted to help feed the nation so now works every night at Sainsbury’s”.

Innovative News Project

Buzz TV’s Newsround

News reporting is an integrated part of school life at Burnt Oak Junior School. Their Buzz Newspaper is written by journalism club with other children from the school contributing. This year they’ve taken it a step further and it has evolved to now to include their own TV channel, Buzz TV which features interviews and news linking children who have been attending school during lockdown and all those who have been learning at home.

Riley explains, “The school actively promotes the newspaper and it has evolved to include Newsround as home schooling and key worker children in schools has been a part of school life.”

Home News Reporter

Raaghav Das, 13, Chronologie Editor

Chronologie is a new e-newspaper that Raaghav started as the Coronavirus pandemic was beginning to take hold globally and the UK had just gone into Lockdown. It was inspired by the unprecedented situation that the world was in. Initially the inspiration came from the need to keep the local community informed and develop a sense of togetherness as I live on a road with several older residents and relatively few children. The idea was to keep the senior citizens engaged whilst most of them were self-isolating etc.

Now on Issue 4, Chronologie is an amazing achievement and packed high-quality journalism. Raaghav tackles the impact of pandemic, digs out important stories and interviews people from different walks of life from far away locations to find out more. A worthy winner!

Runners Up


Troup Scoup, Troup House School, Aberdeenshire

Stretford Chronicle, Stretford High School, Manchester

Far End News, Alex Press, aged 10, Surrey


Congratulations to all the winners and runners up!  If you would like to start a newspaper project at your school, download the First News School Newspaper Club pack. It contains lots of advice on how to set up a school newspaper and tips to improve journalistic skills.

Want to enter your school into the 2020/2021 competition? Find out more about the competition and how to enter here.

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