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The Premier League’s message to ‘try and try again’ is particularly fitting in our current education system.

This message, taken from TH Palmer’s poem Try Try Again, has been used in a new advertising campaign to introduce Premier League Primary Stars, a free learning programme for all primary school pupils in England and Wales.

‘Try and try again’ is an idea that underpins every resource in Premier League Primary Stars. Against the backdrop of ever-increasing demands from the National Curriculum, this new offering of lesson plans, teaching ideas and videos is specially designed to develop and promote not only Physical Education, but also the broader range of primary school subjects from mathematics to PSHE and English.

Part of the benefit of Premier League Primary Stars is that it can help to refocus teachers, by continually promoting the idea of interconnectedness between different subjects.

With current and relevant downloadable resources, it’s easy to create a rich and diverse learning experience for young people that would otherwise have taken hours to prepare. The programme offers every essential piece of information to create a successful lesson.

As a result, these resources will suit both experienced and newly qualified teachers, alongside those with a P.E. specialism. The detailed guidance helps to integrate the relevant ideas into a much wider school curriculum map, with appropriate information being dipped into as much, or as little, as needed, depending upon the confidence of individual teachers.

The importance of a healthy active lifestyle is also one of the programme’s core messages. We know that a healthy body is essential for a healthy mind, and that diet and exercise play an intrinsic role in a child’s physical and emotional wellbeing. It’s impressive therefore to see the Premier League leveraging its considerable appeal by asserting the importance of healthy active lifestyles right across the primary curriculum.

Not only does this scheme help to emphasise the importance of a healthy lifestyle, it does so by also developing the children’s ability to work inclusively as a team, helping individuals to further develop their skills along the way. All of the above are essential skills in the modern day school and they should always form the foundations for positive future learning in every classroom.

While trialling and developing these resources, my pupils reacted brilliantly to the vast range of videos that showcase relatable, real-life examples of abstract concepts like diversity, tolerance and resilience. You might otherwise illustrate these with a set of class volunteers, or model them individually around the class. But seeing these ideas in action can provide a clear and memorable touchpoint for young learners.

The available resources are easily implemented within sessions and different ‘themes’ are used for different series of lessons to further enhance the content. Often this means we can present pupils with more interesting, creative or useful ideas than would otherwise have been possible). These lesson packs are easily accessible and cover a wide range of different topics, and they’re also tailored to suit the full range of different ages and abilities.

Although Premier League Primary Stars is about much more than football, a teacher’s ability to use football’s mass appeal to promote respect, fair play and team work is an exceptionally positive step for schools. Given the role models who encourage this throughout the available lessons, the children develop both a love of the game and an interest in working together.

Put simply, football as the national game can provide a key opportunity to help engage and motivate children of all ages. It would be foolish not to utilise the extraordinary passion among young people for football to further other areas of the curriculum.

That’s why I believe that using the Premier League Primary Stars resources on a day-to-day basis can provide teachers with an easy to use, informative and wide-ranging initiative that will have a long-lasting impact on our pupils.

Personally I found the experience to be an excellent reminder of the vision and values that I wanted to bring to the education system when I first started teaching. Being reminded of these basics can only be a good thing.

Premier League Primary Stars creates an opportunity to provide schools with a new framework for inclusivity in the classroom. It’s an approach that should be grasped and explored further within every school as we ‘try and try again’ to create a stimulating and rich learning experience for all those in our care.

Premier League Primary Stars is a new national primary school programme that uses the appeal of the Premier League and professional football clubs to inspire children to learn, be active and develop important life skills. Clubs provide in-school support to teachers, delivering educational sessions to schools in their communities. Free teaching materials ensure the rounded programme, which covers everything from PE and maths to resilience and teamwork, is available to every primary school in England & Wales.

“My teachers and pupils are being up-skilled by as part of the programme. They’re gaining additional ideas about how to get children more active”

Paul Taylor

Head teacher
Enderby Danemill Primary School, Leicester

“Premier League Primary Stars is about a multi-sports approach, engaging with the children, joining in and skills development – and it reaches right across the school”

Joan Harte

Head teacher
Our Lady & St. Joseph Catholic Primary School, London