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Normandy Study Packs

From First News and the Normandy Tourism Board

After working in close collaboration with the Normandy Tourist Board, First News has updated its series of study packs concerning the history and culture of Normandy. These engaging and informative resources cover a wide range of fascinating subjects, coupling important information with exciting activities to fully acquaint your students with this beautiful region of France.

Pupils will be amazed to learn of the close historical ties between Britain and Normandy with the William the Conqueror study pack. Improve their knowledge of British history with key information about the Battle of Hastings, or put their skills as historians to the test with investigative activities focusing on the Bayeux Tapestry.

Learn all about William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings

Let your students discover one of Normandy’s most influential art movements by immersing them in the world of the impressionists. This pack helps to highlight the importance of the Norman context as inspiration for the impressionists whilst also looking at the historical factors contributing to the birth of the movement.

Investigate the history of the influential impressionist movement

The D-Day study pack provides your pupils with the rare opportunity to learn about this key historical event through an interview with a British veteran that was on the beaches during the invasion. Further information alongside the interview also allows pupils to get informed about Normandy’s role in the Second World War.

Find out about the battles that took place in Normandy throughout WWII

Normandy’s cuisine is world-renowned due to the high quality of the region’s produce. With the Normandy Food and Drink pack, your students can learn all about this topic with traditional recipes and culinary tips from expert chefs.

Discover Normandy’s fantastic food and drink

In addition, here you can find an informative map to help your students locate all of Normandy’s important siteswhilst this link will take you to our Normandy Crossword. With this fun activity your students can test their knowledge of all things Normandy. We hope you and your students enjoy the newly updated study packs.