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Ancient Wonders: Then & Now TEACHER PACK

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Ancient Wonders: Then & Now is a fantastic book from Lonely Planet Kids that will capture the imagination and curiosity of the children that are lucky enough to read it. Every page contains a mixture of high quality images including flaps that will engage both confident and reluctant readers to delve into all the book has to offer.

The Ancient Wonders: Then & Now Teacher Pack contains three classroom activities to develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the Ancient Wonders along with historical enquiry skills – all using the fascinating content and illustrations from this fabulous book.

Activity 1: Speculating and Researching
What are these historical sites and why did people build them?

Activity 2: Sequencing and Scaling
When in history were these sites built?

Activity 3: Locating and Linking
Where in the world are these ancient wonders located?

In terms of the history curriculum, there are many ways to incorporate the book into teaching throughout Key Stage 2 and beyond. Using one of the wonders as a focus for lessons in history would be an effective way of engaging children into source and enquiry work. Comparing and contrasting two of the wonders would be an obvious way to show progression in source skills and could work effectively using any number of the sites as a stimulus. Developing pupils’ understanding of a wonder’s location today, along with the history of how it was originally constructed and used, could be used to develop a creative time travel writing project.

Download Ancient Wonders: Then & Now Teacher Pack here